5 Reasons To Use Ready Mixed Concrete

SRC Readymix, part of the SRC Group, delivers ready mixed concrete across Essex from our four concrete plants to projects of all sizes. Whether you’re working on a new garage floor or a large construction site, we have a ready mixed concrete suitable for your project. There are several reasons to choose ready mixed concrete over mixing it yourself, if you have five minutes to spare, you can read a longer post about the benefits of ready mixed concrete. If you’re short on time, scroll down to view our 5 reasons to use ready mixed concrete.

5 Reasons To Choose Ready Mixed Concrete

Save Time And Space

When you buy ready mixed concrete you save yourself time. This is ideal if you’re working on a home project by yourself or on larger construction projects as you don’t need extra labour for mixing. Ready mixed concrete also means you don’t need to store raw bagged materials or mixing equipment.

Reduce Hazards  

Mixing concrete yourself comes with hazards, mainly the dust associated with bagged cement which you should avoid getting into the nose, mouth or eyes. With ready mixed concrete, this risk is eliminated as is the risk of having to operate mixing machinery.

Consistent Quality 

One of the main issues with mixing concrete onsite or at home is the inconsistency between mixes. Ordering ready mixed concrete from SRC Readymix means you receive a consistently good product each time you order, resulting in a much better finish on your project.

More Environmentally Friendly

Because you can order precise amounts of ready mixed concrete, you waste less materials and save money. Less waste is also better for the environment as it reduces the amount of primary aggregates used. At SRC Readymix we also offer 5 branded carbon-reduced ready mixes.

Convenience And Versatility 

Overall, ready mixed concrete is just more convenient than mixing it yourself. When you’re busy working on a project, having ready mixed concrete delivered removes additional stress and is easier to manage. Ready mixed concrete is also versatile as you can order mixes to suit your exact requirements.

Choose SRC As Your Ready Mixed Concrete Supplier

Are you looking for fast, reliable delivery of ready mixed concrete in the Essex area? Look no further than SRC Readymix.

Here are several reasons to choose us:

  • High quality BS8500/BS En 206 standard ready mixed concrete
  • Multipurpose concrete including five carbon reduced mixes
  • Fast delivery from one our four Essex concrete plants
  • We also provide recycled and primary aggregates from our quarries across Essex, ECO-BLOC® Blocks, waste management services, contracting services and more.

To arrange a delivery or discuss your ready mixed concrete needs call our knowledgeable customer liaison team on 0208 594 0169 or email us at enquiries@srcgroup.co.uk

At SRC Group, we invest in our processes to ensure we deliver the best quality and service for our customers.
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