Demolition Waste Removal And Recycling

In the construction sector, demolition waste is a common occurrence. However, the ways in which it is handled can vary greatly across companies. It is important to consider all consequences when dealing with demolition waste. With landfills becoming a greater problem than ever, due to the majority of demolition waste ending up at these waste disposal sites, the repurposing of such materials is emerging as an alternative option.


Sustainability is quickly rising as a main concern in many construction practices, and demolition waste removal is no exception. The construction industry is currently responsible for putting one of the biggest strains on modern day landfills. These waste disposal sites are a common and easy solution to getting rid of unwanted materials within the industry. However, there is only a finite amount of landfill space available and construction waste continues to contribute to the depletion of it. Furthermore, this method of disposal plays a part in the very pressing issue of the emission of greenhouse gasses, and their impact on our environment. An alternative route for construction waste is being repurposed through recycling. These broken-down materials can be transformed into useful building supplies for new construction projects, which in turn decreases the need to extract primary aggregates. Therefore, reducing strain on landfills while also providing more construction supplies, lessening the environmental impact of the waste removal process.

Our Recycling Process

SRC Group acts as an industry service provider for the NFDC (National Federation of Demolition Contractors), meaning that we are nationally recognised for our demolition services, including the recycling of waste. Our recycling process begins with our dedicated contracting teams removing demolition waste directly from construction sites. This includes sand, gravel, crushed stone, concrete, asphalt, and brick. These materials are then taken to our state-of-the-art recycling centres, strategically placed to cover the Essex area, minimising transportation costs and time while maximising efficiency. The waste matter is then carefully processed in these facilities to produce our top-quality recycled aggregates. All of SRC Group’s recycled materials are meticulously produced under WRAP protocols to ensure that we maintain a high standard, in line with the Highways 600 series. These recycled aggregates are then delivered to be repurposed in new construction projects. SRC Group’s commitment to repurposing materials in this manner vastly reduces the pressure on landfills and creates a positive environmental impact for a more sustainable future.

Economic Impact

In addition to the environmental benefits of opting for recycling demolition waste, it is important to consider the economic arguments. The mandatory landfill tax for disposing of demolition waste can require a sizeable portion of the budget for any new construction project. Many site managers are opting for sending these waste materials to recycling centres, such as the ones owned by SRC Group, rather than transporting them to a landfill as that’s the most financially beneficial option for them. The financial outcomes of both routes depend heavily on certain circumstances, such as the proximity of the site to a recycling centre, the amount of waste that needs to be disposed of, as well as the contractor chosen to remove the waste. On the other hand, significantly reducing the environmental footprint of a project is often valued higher than slight financial losses, due to the construction industry becoming increasingly more environmentally conscious in recent years.

The Future of Demolition Waste Removal

The future of demolition waste removal holds promise in terms of meeting sustainability goals. In recent years, more and more companies are opting for greener waste removal practices. These initiatives are supported by the emerging sustainable alternatives to many harmful practices, such as the use of recycling centres in place of landfills. The encouragement of employing circular economy principles will lead to seeing this implemented more in the future. Recycled aggregates are likely to become much more commonplace in basic construction practices. SRC Group’s efforts, combined with those of other construction companies, are quickly propelling us towards a greener tomorrow in terms of waste disposal and repurposing.

The removal of demolition waste is something that can be equally harmful or positive for the environment, depending on the disposal method chosen. Choosing to recycle such materials can decrease the demand on landfills and the emission of greenhouse gasses, while providing resources for other construction projects. Repurposing demolition waste in state-of-the-art facilities, like those owned by SRC Group, is the way forward towards a greener future.

At SRC Group, we invest in our processes to ensure we deliver the best quality and service for our customers.
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