Low Carbon Ready Mix Concrete

Environmental sustainability is becoming an increasingly pressing issue due to the rise of carbon emissions. Thankfully, reduced-carbon substitutes for widely-used products have been emerging. The construction industry has followed this trend and adopted environmentally-conscious approaches in place of old methods. This ranges from how construction waste is disposed of, all the way to building materials, such as low carbon ready-mix alternatives. With today’s abundance of green options, there really is no reason to not make the switch.

What Is It?

Low carbon concrete is a cutting-edge construction material, designed to minimise the environmental impact of concrete making. By substituting certain components, experts found that the carbon footprint emitted during the manufacturing process, was significantly lower compared to regular concrete. While the manufacturing process may incur slightly higher costs compared to other types of concrete, the value of preserving the health of our planet is immeasurable. This is one of the reasons why many companies are opting for low carbon mixes, such as those from SRC Group.

What Is It Made From?

Usually, reduced carbon ready mix concrete consists of several basic materials including; industrial cement combined with fly ash, calcined clays, or blast-furnace slag. However, since there is not one set list of instructions on how to formulate low carbon concrete, the mix can vary from supplier to supplier. At SRC Group, we offer 5 low-carbon STRC proprietary mixes for our customers to choose from. Although they emit lower carbons, there is no compromise on quality! All of our low-carbon mixes are compliant with the BS8500-2 and NHBC specs. We can guarantee their suitability for a diverse range of construction projects, ensuring durable structures whilst simultaneously improving the environmental footprint of the overall project.

Benefits Of Low Carbon Ready Mix Concrete

There are many advantages of choosing this ‘greener’ type of construction material in place of more traditional ready mixes. Primarily, these newer types of ready mix concrete are better for the environment. The reduced amount of carbon emissions released during the creation of these mixes mean that the negative environmental impact is significantly decreased, allowing more concrete to be produced whilst having less of an effect on our planet. Depending on the type of low carbon mix, the carbon footprint can be reduced by up to 70%. This substantial difference in emissions can help suppliers and builders alike to keep their footprint green. Furthermore, even though it is considered ‘eco-friendly’, it’s just as strong as regular concrete. To make sure, all of SRC Group’s low carbon mixes are certified to the highest standards and pass all of our in-house quality checks. Ready mix eco-concrete should also behave similarly to its traditional ready mix counterpart, in strength and quality, all whilst keeping carbon emissions low. The multitude of advantages clearly indicate that ready-mix eco-concrete is a strong alternative choice for the majority of construction projects.

Importance Of Environmental Consciousness

Today more than ever, the conservation of our incredible planet is a pressing topic. With the rise in greenhouse gasses and climate change, amongst other issues, it is crucial that we do whatever we can to preserve our environment. Concrete manufacturing is a massive contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions, making up a shocking 4 to 8% of total emissions each year. This is why switching to materials such as low carbon concrete is so important if we want to reduce the quantity of carbon released. Fortunately, many companies are stepping up and paying the little extra that eco-friendly options cost as it will be worth it in the long run.

SRC Group’s Mission

As a leading concrete supplier in the construction industry, we believe it is our duty to set the standard for greener practices. This is why we offer our 5 low carbon alternative concrete mixes. By producing these, we have saved 225 tons of carbon emissions from being released this year alone, and we are only four months in! It is so easy, and crucial, to switch to more eco-friendly materials. Here at SRC Group that is our top priority, and what we are doing is clearly effective. We strive to create affordable green alternatives to standard construction materials so that they are available for construction projects of all budgets.

At SRC Group, we invest in our processes to ensure we deliver the best quality and service for our customers.
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