Muckaway and Muckshift

The terms muckaway and muckshift are commonplace within the construction industry and can be used interchangeably. Muckaway is an essential part of the on-site process and must be included in project plans to ensure a seamless operation throughout the build.

What is Muckaway?

Muckaway is the removal of any unwanted materials after an excavation has been completed. These materials can range from soils and rocks, to crushed concretes and hardcores. Occasionally, there can also be hazardous waste elements, such as asbestos, present. These need to be carefully removed by professionals like SRC Group before construction works can continue. Muckaway helps to clear large amounts of debris, excess materials, and waste in order to prepare the site for any project. Having all these unwanted materials in the middle of an active construction site can greatly hinder, and even completely stop, building development. Therefore, muckshift is extremely important and something that should be considered far in advance.

Why is Muckaway Important?

Efficiency: The clearance of old (waste) materials is essential for the continuation of the construction process. Muckaway allows for the prompt resumption of building after any waste is removed, making it a vital step in the process. Furthermore, countless amounts of time can be saved by outsourcing the job to a reliable third-party contractor, such as SRC Group, who hold the appropriate waste removal credentials and can complete the job swiftly and properly.

Sustainability: With the declining environmental state, it’s becoming a more widely-held realisation within the industry that the waste matter disposal process needs to be improved. Many muckaway service providers, such as SRC Group, will take the necessary precautions to prevent as much harm to the environment as possible during disposal. Following waste removal best practice can be an important part of improving a project’s eco footprint.

Safety: Anyone who has ever worked in construction realises the danger of unwanted items lying around. Consequently, safety is another reason as to why muckshift is crucial. It is a simple and easy method of reducing risk around the site by clearing surplus soils and other elements.

Removal of hazardous waste: In some construction projects, there are hazardous elements present in the waste from the site excavation. Elements like asbestos must be taken care of according to safety guidelines to ensure the protection of all workers. Most muckaway service providers will be able to offer assistance in the removal of dangerous debris, creating a safe site for future construction.

Selecting the Right Provider

When deciding who to choose as a muckshift provider, there are multiple key points to consider in order to find what is right for your project.

Experience and Expertise: A crucial point to consider when hiring anyone, but especially in the construction industry, is the level of expertise and prior experience that they have. At SRC Group, we pride ourselves on our extensive experience in this field. Furthermore, all of our drivers are fully-trained professionals, assuring peace of mind along with every muckaway job.

We hold ourselves to a high standard in every aspect of business, with muckaway being no exception!

Cost: When working with tight budgets and trying to keep costs down, finding the most cost-effective provider can help greatly. Here at SRC Group, we offer competitive rates that ensure we are the top choice for many of our clients’ muckaway requirements. Keeping the costs low and service quality high is our priority.

Efficiency: Being let down by a contractor at the beginning of a construction project can be frustrating. This is why choosing a reliable service provider is essential. Arriving on time and getting the job done quickly is commonplace at SRC Group, allowing construction to continue quickly without a hitch.

Environmental Care: Once collected, it is critical to know where your waste materials are heading. Is it a landfill or are they being recycled? SRC Group are at the forefront of sustainable practices within the industry and, where possible, we take all excess materials to be repurposed into recycled aggregates at our state-of-the-art recycling centres. We are always striving to create greener solutions for waste disposal and to take care of the planet.

SRC Muckaway

Muckaway (or muckshift) is a vital component in the construction process due to the role it plays in safety, efficiency and sustainability. Making sure you choose the right company to carry out your waste removal is key. You can rely on SRC Group to consistently deliver work to a high standard, ensuring peace of mind throughout your project.

At SRC Group, we invest in our processes to ensure we deliver the best quality and service for our customers.
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