Popular Uses For Ready Mixed Concrete

Concrete is an incredibly versatile material, and after water, is the most used substance on earth. Concrete gives us shelter, smooth surfaces to drive on, bridges, shiny garage floors, and high-rise towers. In recent years, concrete has even become popular in interiors in its polished form.

Ready mixed concrete is a popular choice of material in projects which require concrete due to its convenience and versatility. Ready mixed concrete is ready to use right away, no mixing required. You may wish to read our previous post if you want to find out the benefits of ready mixed concrete because, in this post, we’re going to explore some of the most popular uses for ready mixed concrete. Below, we give examples of both domestic and commercial uses for ready mixed concrete.

Popular Domestic Uses For Ready Mixed Concrete

Ready mixed concrete has many uses in a domestic setting and homeowners can use the material in a variety of projects. From small DIY projects to larger undertakings such as extensions, here are some popular ways to use ready mixed concrete at home.


Ready mixed concrete is a great choice for driveways outside homes, providing a flat stable surface to drive on and park cars. Because concrete is long-lasting and durable, it can withstand being driven over for many years, which may not be the case with other driveway materials. Although concrete is smooth and grey in its natural state, additives can be added to colour the concrete and add more interest.


Homeowners can use ready mixed concrete to create long-lasting, attractive patios in the garden. Ready mix can be poured into a slab and after curing, can be painted or left grey. Ready mixed concrete can also be polished and there are even methods you can use to create imprints in the concrete before it fully cures to leave an attractive pattern.

Fencing Posts

Erecting a fence is an easy project for DIY enthusiasts so long as you have the correct tools and the ability to dig the post holes. Ready mixed concrete is used to secure fence posts and will provide a stronger, longer-lasting fence as opposed to fences where the posts are not concreted into place.


Ready mixed concrete is used in domestic settings for foundations, this can be for an extension or conservatory. Concrete also makes an excellent base for garden rooms, annexes, sheds and more. Once cured, the concrete provides stability and load-bearing capabilities.

Flooring Surfaces

Because ready mixed concrete can be poured in large quantities, it is ideal for creating flat surfaces and flooring both inside and out. Concrete can be used indoors to create attractive easy to easy-to-maintain flooring and is also a popular choice to use for garage flooring. Outdoors, ready mixed concrete can be used to create sidewalks around your home, paths and more.

Common Commercial Uses For Ready Mixed Concrete

Ready mixed concrete is used in most commercial construction projects because of its convenience and versatility. Because ready mixed concrete can be poured through small openings it can be used in spaces a person wouldn’t be able to reach such as bridge supports or piled foundations. Below are examples of popular uses for ready mixed concrete in commercial settings.

High-Rise Buildings

Ready mixed concrete is fundamental in the building of many high-rise towers and skyscrapers. Reinforced concrete is used for both skyscraper foundations and subsequent floors. Without concrete and steel, we wouldn’t have many of the impressive high-rise buildings you see in cities today.


Although the word beautiful doesn’t immediately spring to mind when you think of concrete, some of the world’s most attractive bridges are constructed using mainly concrete. Thanks to the strength and reliability of concrete (qualities you definitely need in a bridge!), the material is widely used in a variety of bridge types, from cable-stayed bridges to arch bridges.

Industrial Flooring

Ready mixed concrete is an excellent choice for industrial flooring in factories and warehouses because it can tolerate heavy foot traffic, machinery, heavy shelving, abrasion, chemicals and more.

Car Parks

Multistorey car parks often make use of concrete because of its load-bearing qualities and resistance to heavy vehicle traffic.


It would be difficult to find a large infrastructure project that doesn’t use ready mixed concrete. From water treatment plants to dams, sewage systems and more. Concrete is used in many of the structures that keep society ticking over.

SRC Readymix

We hope you found this post informative and that it opened your eyes to the very broad range of uses ready mixed concrete has. Perhaps you have a project where ready mixed concrete could be beneficial and are looking for a reliable supplier?

SRC Readymix, part of the SRC Group, supplies ready mixed concrete across Essex to a variety of projects. From homeowners to building sites, we welcome all types of customer.

There are a multitude of reasons to choose us too, including:

  • We utilise our own quarried and recycled aggregates, in addition to having four batching plants strategically situated across Essex. This enables us to provide cost-effective solutions for our clients.
  • We offer direct on-site delivery via our modern fleet of mixer and volumetric trucks operated by professional drivers.
  • We produce high-quality ready mixed concrete approved to BS8500 / BS EN 206 standards for quality assurance.

To arrange a delivery or discuss your ready mixed concrete needs call our knowledgeable customer liaison team on 0208 594 0169 or email us at enquiries@srcgroup.co.uk

At SRC Group, we invest in our processes to ensure we deliver the best quality and service for our customers.
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