Ready Mix Concrete for Foundations and Footings – Is It Safe?

Anyone with an interest in construction will have heard of ready mix concrete. It’s a standard material which is used in a vast amount of building projects. But is it safe? Every good construction project begins with a foundation, it’s a vital part of the building process that keeps the structure supported throughout its lifespan. This blog will explore the use of ready mix concrete for foundations and footings and whether it is reliable for these purposes.

Understanding Ready Mix Concrete:

Ready mix concrete is a versatile and strong option for a variety of construction projects. This type of concrete is often transported in barrel trucks to keep it at the correct consistency. Just as the name implies, the material arrives to the site pre-mixed so that it is ready for use straight away. It typically consists of cement, aggregates and water but the formula and ratios of these components can be adjusted according to a project’s requirements. There are also low-carbon variants available, such as the 5 low-carbon mixtures offered by SRC Group. These are held to the same high-quality standards, but release less emissions during creation.

Why Opt For Ready Mix Concrete?

The primary reason that many builders are choosing ready-to-use concrete is time efficiency. Due to the concrete being pre-mixed at a plant prior to delivery to the construction site, it can be utilised immediately upon arrival. However, this is not the only reason. While the upfront cost of ready mix concrete may appear higher, it can actually be more cost-effective compared to other options due to its customisable nature. Orders can be tailored to the exact amount of concrete needed for any project, keeping both costs and unnecessary wastage low. SRC Group can help to work around tight budgets with our competitive pricing and flexible quantities.

Uses of Ready Mix Concrete

There are countless uses for ready mix concrete within the industry due to its easy-to-use and natural adaptability. However, when considering vital parts of the building process like foundations and footings, it is important to know that the material used is fit for purpose and poses no risk to safety. Fortunately, SRC Group’s ready to use concrete excels in all departments. Using this type of concrete for foundations and footings is common-practice in the industry for various reasons. Firstly, there is no compromise on strength as this material will remain sturdy for generations. The convenience of being able to pour the concrete straight into any foundation upon delivery is also a massive factor for a lot of projects. Along with these, and many more reasons, there is no surprise that ready mix concrete is rapidly becoming the go-to option for foundations and footings. Therefore, ready to use concrete mixes such as the ones offered by SRC Group are definitely safe and reliable for this purpose.

Quality Assured

While ready mix concrete in general is safe for foundations and footings, the quality must be taken into account. Higher quality materials will give structures more stability and durability over time, decreasing risks. There are several ways that the quality of concrete mixes can be improved. The raw ingredients (cement, aggregates, etc.) should be carefully selected to ensure that they are up to standard. The mixing process must also be conducted meticulously in order to guarantee that the correct ratios of the components are added. SRC Group’s dedication to delivering only the highest quality materials is what sets us apart within the industry. You don’t need to just take our word for it, all of our ready mixed concretes are approved to both BS8500 and BS EN 206 quality standards, providing peace of mind when choosing us for your concrete needs.

Why Choose SRC Group For Ready Mix Concrete?

As covered previously, ready mix concrete is the perfect choice for building foundations and footings. However, it is also important to choose the right supplier for your project. Here at SRC Group, in addition to the high-standard of all our materials, we also strive to provide an excellent customer experience every time. You can trust SRC Group to be reliable and on-time with deliveries so that there is no additional stress around meeting project deadlines. Our experienced team of drivers will handle each load with care, making sure that it arrives in the same condition as it left our plants. You also have the option of both regular and low carbon concrete formulas, as well as the various delivery options. For example, barrel mix is ideal for bulk delivery and continuous pours, whilst our volumetric mix arrives as individual ingredients which are mixed on site. There really is no reason not to choose SRC Group for ready mix concrete!

At SRC Group, we invest in our processes to ensure we deliver the best quality and service for our customers.
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