The Financial Benefits Of Using Recycled Aggregates

Recycled aggregates are quickly becoming industry-standard materials in the construction sector. Their environmentally-friendly properties make them one of the best ‘green’ solutions for concrete production. As well as ticking all the boxes when it comes to a more sustainable approach, there are also numerous cost-saving advantages. Below we will also discuss some of the lesser-known financial benefits of using recycled aggregates

Sourcing Materials

Mining and procurement of primary aggregates can be costly due to the end-to-end process of extraction, cleaning and transportation. With recycled aggregates being created from already-existing materials, such as waste from demolition and construction sites, it can be a much more financially viable way to get the materials you need. At SRC we are extremely proud of our in-house circular economy, and part of this includes producing recycled aggregates from our own processing plants. We offer a complete 360-degree solution to support both environmental initiatives, but also to provide a more cost-effective solution for our clients.

Minimising Waste Removal Costs

By utilising recycled aggregates, waste removal costs could be lowered significantly. Repurposing leftover waste materials instead of sending to landfills means there would be less need to order new aggregates, saving money on the delivery of additional resources as well as the transport and fuel costs of removing existing waste. At SRC we offer a thorough in-house testing service, usually within 24 hours, to ensure that any recycled aggregates are of the highest quality, including aligning with the specifications outlined in the Highways 600 series and other British Standards.

Government-Led Incentives

Government incentives, such as the UK Aggregates Levy, means that using recycled aggregates can save additional funds from the all-important budget, in comparison to sourcing primary aggregates. At the moment, the aggregates levy is charged at a set rate of £2 for every tonne of sand, gravel or rock extracted at-source (£2.03 from April 1st 2024). Charges, fees and incentives to utilise greener materials are sure to increase as the world switches to more sustainable ways of living. By choosing to make this transition now to recycled aggregates, it will likely mean lower outgoing costs in the long run.

Sustainability Certifications

As consumers come to recognise the impact of sustainability certifications, such as a B Corp accreditations, it’s important that organisations who are in (or work with) the construction sector aim to offer the same types of certifications. In the UK a BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology) certification, is one of the more popular classifications. To be defined as a BREEAM building, there are several elements of criteria to meet in order to become classified, however once complete, the building will have been certified as having a level of environmentally-conscious design. Recycled aggregates can play a part in this overall design, not only saving money via the construction, but opening up your organisation to a whole new market of planet-conscious consumers.


Recycled aggregates are sometimes thought of as inferior to primary aggregates, however this isn’t the case. If waste materials have been thoroughly checked via a process such as our in-house soil testing, then the resulting recycled aggregates should contain properties that are just as durable and hard-wearing as primary aggregates. Due to the natural properties within aggregates, they are a naturally long-lasting material on their own, leading to reduced maintenance and repairs over their lifespan.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As mentioned earlier in this blog, it’s increasingly important for a number of reasons to embrace a greener approach to business, regardless of whichever sector you may be in. Embracing recycled aggregates into construction projects is one of the simplest ways to start introducing more environmentally-conscious practices into your business. Increasing the chance of attracting sustainability-focused clients and investors.

Why Choose SRC For Recycled Aggregates?

At SRC we offer only the highest-quality materials. Our recycled aggregates adhere to WRAP protocols and undergo thorough in-house testing to ensure they meet stringent industry standards. Contact us today to find out more or visit our aggregates page here.

At SRC Group, we invest in our processes to ensure we deliver the best quality and service for our customers.
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