What Are The Benefits Of Ready Mixed Concrete?

The SRC Group supplies projects in London and the home counties with recycled and primary aggregates, demolition services, waste management services, bulk earthworks and more. SRC Readymix, part of the SRC Group, supplies ready mixed concrete across Essex from one of our four ready-mixed concrete plants.

Whether you’re working on a DIY project or a large construction site, selecting the right materials from the right supplier will save you money, time, and result in a successful finished project.

In this post, we explore the top benefits of ready mixed concrete and why you should consider SRC Readymix when looking for a reliable supplier of ready mixed concrete.

What Is Ready Mixed Concrete?

Ready mixed concrete is mixed and supplied by an external supplier – as opposed to mixing concrete yourself using raw materials.

Ready mixed concretes have the same basic components – aggregates, cement, and water. The types of aggregates used in ready mixed can differ – sand can be used, for example, or crushed rock. The type of cement used in a mix can also be different, and some concretes have other specific requirements such as a minimum air content.

To ensure quality, there are standards for concrete in the UK, and BS8500 is the one that specifically applies to concrete production and specification (the standard we strictly adhere to)

Benefits of Using Ready Mixed Concrete

Quality and Consistency

When you order ready mix concrete from SRC Readymix, an inferior mix is out of the question as precision and quality are strictly managed before any batches of concrete are sent out. We have the equipment to ensure quality is consistent too. Even between separate batches, you will receive a consistent product because mixes are easily replicated. Quality and consistency are beneficial to you because you get a guaranteed superior product every time that is fit for purpose and helps you avoid costly mistakes.

Time Saving

Ready mixed concrete saves time on all types of projects because there is no need to mix the concrete yourself. Because of this, you or your team can work on other tasks while waiting for your concrete to be delivered. Saving time is a plus, whether you’re working on a DIY project or a construction site.

Reduced Costs

Having ready mixed concrete delivered means you don’t have to hire any specialist or expensive equipment for mixing so you save money. Initially, ready mixed concrete may seem more expensive than mixing it yourself, however, when you take into account the ability to order exact quantities and eliminate any potential waste, you’re likely to experience cost savings.

Environmental Benefits

Ready mixed concrete is more environmentally friendly because it uses bulk cement rather than bagged which cuts down on dust pollution.

Using ready mix can also reduce waste as you can order precise amounts of product. SRC Readymix’s volumetric trucks can pour anything from 0.5 to eight cubic metres – making us ideal for DIY enthusiasts right up to big construction projects.

If you’re environmentally conscious, using a responsible supplier, like us, also adds green points as we have specialist equipment designed to be as low on carbon emissions as possible and offer 5 carbon-reduced ready mixed concretes.

Applications of Ready Mix Concrete

Ready Mixed concretes can be used in a wide variety of settings and applications, from garage footings to large construction projects.

On medium and large building projects time is always of the essence so ready mixed concrete is the sensible, and most beneficial choice for most builders.  Ready mixed concretes are also ideal for home and DIY projects too where you are relieved of the effort and time of mixing concrete yourself.

SRC Readymix is suitable for a wide range of applications including:

  • Groundworks – footings, ring beams, piles
  • Paving – PQ, external slabs
  • RC Frames – C5O/C60 limestone mixes
  • Agricultural – grain barns, RC mixes, structural fibre concrete
  • High Performance – self-compacting concrete, self-levelling concrete
  • DIY projects including footings/foundations

Are You Ready To Benefit From Ready Mixed Concrete?

If you want to order ready mixed concrete, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and place an order. You can call us on 0208 594 0169 or email us at enquiries@srcgroup.co.uk

Why Choose SRC Group For Your Construction & Concrete Needs?

There are a multitude of reasons to choose us, including:

  • A consistently high-quality ready-mix product that is quality approved to BS8500 / BS EN 206 standard.
  • You can use our ready mixed concrete for multiple purposes.
  • Fast delivery from our friendly team who are always on time and get your concrete to you exactly when you need it.
  • We supply value for money considering we only produce a high quality ready mixed product.
  • Four plants producing ready mixed concrete means we have excellent capacity and coverage.
  • We also provide recycled and primary aggregates from our sites across London and the Home Counties, ECO-BLOC® Blocks, waste management services, contracting services and more.
At SRC Group, we invest in our processes to ensure we deliver the best quality and service for our customers.
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