Why Choose SRC Readymix For Ready Mixed Concrete?

SRC Readymix, part of the SRC Group, supplies ready mixed concrete across Essex, with lots of happy customers and a great track record. But, if you’re not already familiar with SRC Readymix, then why choose us for your ready mixed concrete?

A Little Bit About SRC Readymix

SRC Readymix is part of the SRC Group, a supplier of recycled and primary aggregates, ready mixed concrete, demolition services, ground improvement services, and more to London and the Home Counties.

Founded in 1994 by brothers David and Donald Rees we are proud to still be a family-run business today. Our services and products have vastly expanded since our founding, and we now offer a wide range of aggregate products and construction services. You can read more about our history and beginnings here.

A core element of the Group is our ready mixed concrete production and supply. SRC Readymix operates four ready mix plants across Essex.

Reasons To Choose SRC Readymix For Ready Mixed Concrete

There are several reasons to work with SRC Readymix, including our impressive environmental commitments, and reputation for quality. We’ve narrowed down all our top reasons below.

Quality Assured Ready Mix Concrete

Our concrete mixes are certified by BSI for conformity to BS EN 206-1 and its UK complementary standard BS 8500 Parts 1 and 2. We guarantee high-quality products every time you order with us to ensure your project will meet or exceed the required standards.

Variety of Mixes To Suit Your Project

We offer a variety of ready mixed concrete to cater to different construction needs, including DIY home projects. You can select the specific mix that suits your project requirements, this includes five reduced carbon mixes.

Our Environmental Considerations

We are proud to emphasise our sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. We offer 5 carbon-

reduced ready mixes, using our own processed aggregates from our nearby sites so we’re cutting down on the time materials spend on the road. We’re extremely committed to sustainability and have invested in state-of-the-art recycling plants, routinely audit and measure our sustainability performance, and our impact on the environment.

Our Essex Presence

SRC Readymix have a strong presence across Essex which allows for faster deliveries and cuts down on transportation costs. Our ready mixed concrete is dispatched from four plants in Essex and Suffolk: Highwood Quarry near Stansted Airport, Crown Quarry in Colchester, Dollymans in Wickford and our Sudbury plant.

Reliable Delivery

We understand the time constraints on building projects and always aim to provide timely and reliable delivery of ready-mixed concrete. This helps keep projects on schedule and minimises downtime.

Our Long-Term Partnerships

Our long-term partnerships and repeat customers speak for themselves. Because we go the extra mile for customers and have a desire to build relationships, people are happy to return to us. Give us a try and you will see why.

Our Concrete Expertise

Across our sites we have a broad range of expertise in addition to our team members who understand the intricacies of concrete production, ensuring every mix is appropriate for your project’s conditions and specifications.

Our Technical Support

Our knowledgeable customer liaison team are always on hand to provide technical support and guidance, from helping you choose the right concrete mix to offering advice on best practices. For compliance with British Standards and your peace of mind, our technical team can undertake optional on-site cube and slump testing.

Safety Standards

Our company’s commitment to safety applies to the production and delivery of ready mixed concrete and our delivery drivers are familiar with all safety practices when delivering concrete.

Reputation For Excellence

The glowing reviews and positive references from the hundreds of customers we have worked with helps instil confidence in our products and offers reassurance that we are a top choice for supplying ready mixed concrete.

Additional Services & Products

The SRC Group offer services and products such as recycled and primary aggregates, waste management services, ECO-BLOC® Blocks, contracting services and more. Feel free to explore our website for the full range of services and products we offer.

Contact SRC Readymix

If you are looking for a reliable supplier of ready mixed concrete in Essex, we hope the above reasons have convinced you to try SRC Readymix.

To arrange a delivery or discuss your ready mixed concrete needs call our knowledgeable customer liaison team on 0208 594 0169 or email us at enquiries@srcgroup.co.uk

At SRC Group, we invest in our processes to ensure we deliver the best quality and service for our customers.
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