SRC Group Corporate Social Responsibility

In the years since we began operating, we’ve grown to house over 300 team members and with this comes significant responsibility to those within the organisation and our surrounding communities. At its heart however, SRC Group is still the family-owned business that it started out as 30 years ago with the same values.

Commitment To Community

SRC Group is a strong community of dedicated team members working towards success together. This dedication extends to maintaining our reputation and upholding our responsibility to our communities. We are proud of our continued efforts to give back; through local stewardship, charitable work and area-based events and activities to promote local engagement.

Commitment To Environmental Responsibility

Our operations divert millions of tonnes of waste per year away from landfill into recycled material alternatives and our ECO-BLOC® product range, forming the backbone of our circular economy model. SRC Readymix also now supplies five categories of low-carbon ready-mixed concrete, including cement-free mixes. Sustainability is an ever-changing landscape and we are constantly striving to adopt practices that minimise the environmental impact of our organisation. We continuously set and review measurable objectives, to lead the way in sustainable operations.

Commitment To Diversity & Inclusion

We are committed to nurturing a culture of respect, inclusion and professional development regardless of individual identity and background. Our corporate environment is strictly governed to be inclusive and provide equal opportunities for those wishing to succeed and work at the forefront of industry circularity and client success. SRC Group owes its reputation to the brilliant individuals within.

Commitment To Employee Wellbeing

Our employees are the lifeblood of SRC Group and we are committed to supporting them with their physical and mental health by offering an employee assistance programme, occupational health services and qualified mental health first aiders. All the while providing a positive work environment; ensuring team members develop their skills and careers, are included in organisational decisions wherever possible, and are supported by a leadership team across the business.

Apprenticeship Schemes & Recruitment

We’re always on the lookout for individuals looking to succeed and bring positivity and productivity to the SRC Group. If you are interested in joining us, view our current opportunities or register your interest and connect with our management team here.


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