Specialist Aggregates

In addition to our standard primary and recycled aggregates, at SRC Group we are pleased to also offer a diverse range of specialist aggregates, including sands, gravels and topsoil products. Through bespoke selection and processing, we can ensure the highest quality for specialist industrial and amenity uses. Supplied directly from SRC Group quarries, we offer national coverage for a wide range of sectors.

Sports Aggregates

At SRC Group, we understand the precision required in sports construction. Our sports aggregates and rootzones are engineered to meet the exacting standards of sports surfaces and leisure facilities. From all-weather pitches to natural sports turf and golf bunkers, our specialised materials ensure optimal performance, longevity, and appearance.

Filtration Aggregates

Water treatment and filtration systems require aggregates of the highest quality. SRC Group offers bespoke filtration aggregates for slow sand filtration and gravel beds. From municipal water treatment plants to industrial processes, our aggregates contribute to efficient and effective filtration solutions.

Utility Aggregates

Infrastructure projects demand reliability and precision. Our utility aggregates conform to ENA Technical Specifications 97-1 to protect critical underground utilities and provide stable backfill material. We also offer cementitious products designed to meet the diverse needs of the utilities and infrastructure sector.

Topsoils, Subsoils and Decorative Gravels

SRC Group offer British Standard certified topsoil and subsoil products for landscape and horticultural construction. We provide tailored screening and soil design for a range of applications, for example bioretention soil and drainage layers. We also supply decorative gravels to enhance the aesthetic appeal of gardens, parks, and public spaces. Contact our dedicated team who can help find the perfect product to bring your vision to life.

Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS)

We supply all aggregates associated with the construction of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS). SuDS represent a progressive and environmentally conscious approach to managing surface water in urban areas. Unlike conventional drainage systems that swiftly transport rainwater away, SuDS aim to mimic natural processes by slowing, storing, and cleaning water before its discharge. These systems incorporate a range of features such as green roofs, permeable pavements, swales, and ponds, which collectively contribute to flood prevention, water quality improvement, and enhanced biodiversity. SuDS not only mitigate the impact of urbanisation on local water activity but also promote a more sustainable and resilient urban environment. By emphasising the integration of nature-based solutions, SuDS align with the principles of sustainable development, fostering greener, healthier, and more climate-resilient urban landscapes.


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