Soil Stabilisation Solutions

Our soil stabilisation and ground engineering solutions at SRC Group transform challenging ground conditions into stable, load bearing surfaces for further construction. With decades of experience developing best practice, we understand how to design soil stabilisation programmes around conditions on site to deliver results that stand the test of time.

What Is Soil Stabilisation?

SRC Group provides efficient and cost-effective solution to improve load-bearing properties and reduce moisture content of in-situ and imported material through minimising the environmental impact that further removal of and replacement of soils could present. This is achieved by the incorporation of mixing agents into the ground to improve load-bearing capacities.

Road Construction: In the construction of highways and roads, soil stabilisation is often required to improve the load-bearing capacity of the subgrade. This ensures the durability and stability of the road surface, especially in areas with weak or expansive soils.

Airport Runways: Airports demand strong and stable runways to support the weight of aircraft during take-off and landing. Soil stabilisation is employed to enhance the native soil strength, preventing settlement and ensuring the safety of runways and longevity of air travel.

Residential Developments: In housing projects, especially in regions with poor ground conditions, soil stabilisation helps mitigate the effects of soil swelling and shrinking, reducing the risk of foundation movement and structural damage.

Industrial Facilities: Construction of industrial facilities often require extensive road networks and areas of reliable working platforms to support heavy machinery and equipment loads.

Expert Consultation

We begin with learning the unique characteristics of your project site. Our team of soil stabilisation experts will conduct a thorough site assessment to tailor a solution that addresses your specific challenges. We offer in-house testing as well as independent testing plans when required.

Cutting-Edge Technology

SRC Group employs the latest equipment in the sector. Our state-of-the art machinery working in unison, connected with GPS Trimble® technology, deliver to design and on-time ensuring productivity on site.

Responsible Practices

We prioritise sustainable soil stabilisation practices, minimising environmental impact. Our commitment to eco-friendly solutions ensures that your projects not only stand the test of time but also contribute to a greener future.

in Applications

Soil stabilisation provides an option to improve ground conditions over extremely large areas with minimal inputs, providing value engineering options saving time and financial resources by vastly reducing vehicle movements of subbase materials and spoil removal from site.


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