Bulk Earthworks

Our bulk earthworks team have decades of experience in ensuring that developments have a robust and precise earthworks strategy in place.

Bulk Earthworks At SRC

Our experience enables us to look at the topography of the existing land and advise on all engineering aspects, resources, plant, and skills required to successfully carry out the project. We pride ourselves on being pro-active in discerning any value engineering that can be implemented to save our clients time and reduce costs, including identifying associated risks and planning the movement of site-obtained materials in the most effective manner.You project may need bulk earthworks support for:
  • Site preparation for construction
  • Land development including bulk cut & fill
  • Road and motorway construction
  • Aggregate extraction and quarry restoration
  • Dam and reservoir construction
  • Landscaping and environmental restoration
  • Flood control and embankment construction
  • Golf course construction
  • Large-scale excavation projects

The Re-Use Of Materials

Subject to the geology and types of construction required, on site re-use of soils can prevent unnecessary disposal and avoid the combined environmental and financial impact of importing materials.

Within SRC Group, a key objective is to explore and offer value-engineering solutions and appraisals to help our clients evaluate time and cost advantages. Starting from initial tender stage we offer a full bespoke desktop study of all environmental and geotechnical information available; we then look to build a suitable site-specific strategy and methodology whilst also incorporating independent UKAS registered laboratories to carry out compliance testing throughout this process. This proactive approach combined with our in-house soils testing service will result in a fully compliant earthworks strategy tailored for your needs.

A key element of SRC Group’s earthworks strategy is the incorporation of soil stabilisation and ground engineering.

Our Bulk Earthworks Solutions

GPS: SRC Group operate GPS machine control to ensure all earthwork designs are completed to the tolerances required for each specific project.

Cut and Fill Operations:  Cut and fill operations are sustainable, efficient, and cost effective. SRC Group's ability to plan and deliver in-house guarantees optimal material recovery and reuse for each project.

Soil Stabilisation: Soil stabilisation is a term used for a number of ground improvement techniques that alter and improve the physical properties of the soils. By adding a binder such as lime or cement, it enables the host material to form part of the main construction process reducing excess material having to leave the site, and mitigating the necessity to import sub-base aggregates.

Earthmoving Machinery: We house a state-of-the-art fleet of earthmoving machinery. From excavators to bulldozers, our equipment is designed to handle diverse soil types and project scales, ensuring your project is completed efficiently and effectively.

"SRC over the past year have undertaken major groundworks for us. Their quality of work is good, communication is transparent and have always completed works on time. SRC and in particular Craig Chaplin have co-ordinated their works with other contractors on site which demonstrates their ability to work in a team to achieve successful outcome. Most importantly SRC have been able to resource plant and labour at short notices to meet our challenging programmes. This has provided me a reliable supply chain on whom I can rely on in times of need."

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