Our mission at SRC Group is to promote recycled materials in construction wherever possible. To align with our vision of a circular economy, we are proud to introduce our exclusive range of concrete Eco-Bloc® blocks for use in residential and industrial construction projects.

What is Eco-Bloc®?

Eco-Bloc® blocks represent a new era of environmentally friendly construction products that can always be relied upon. Crafted from a unique blend of cement, recycled fine aggregates, and recycled coarse aggregates, we guarantee the highest quality, approved to UKCA British standards.

What Makes Eco-Bloc® Blocks Environmentally Friendly?

Our commitment to a circular economy means that we use recycled materials wherever possible to create Eco-Bloc® blocks. We control the entire production process from raw materials to the finished product, utilising state-of-the-art equipment.

Eco-Bloc® Division: Pioneering Sustainable Construction

The range of Eco-Bloc® products we offer caters to a wide array of customer needs, making us a one-stop solution for all your construction requirements.

Load Bearing Walls: Eco-Bloc® blocks are ideal for constructing load-bearing walls. Their strength and durability ensure stability and longevity.

Cavity Walls: Constructing cavity walls has never been more efficient and eco-friendlier than with Eco-Bloc®. These blocks offer both structural integrity and insulation, contributing to energy efficiency.

Above and Below Ground Applications: Eco-Bloc® blocks are designed for sub-structure work. They are versatile and incredibly resilient, providing a solid foundation for any construction project.

Block and Beam Floors: When it comes to creating solid block and beam floors, Eco-Bloc® is a quick, economical and environmentally-friendly foundation for sturdy, reliable floors.

Thermal and Sound Insulation: Eco-Bloc® blocks are not just about strength; they also excel in thermal and sound insulation, ensuring a comfortable and peaceful environment.

Material and Storage Bays: Our blocks are perfect for constructing material and storage bays, offering both durability and the space required for effective storage.

Solid Dense

When you require strength and durability for internal, external and sub-structure design, our Solid Dense Concrete Blocks, available in 3.6N, 7.3N and 10.4N 100mm variations, are designed to cater to a diverse range of applications. These include:

  • Load Bearing Walls
  • Cavity Walls
  • Above and Below Ground Applications
  • Block and Beam Floors
  • Thermal and Sound Insulation
  • Transverse Tested

Medium Dense

Our Medium Dense range is available in 3.6N and 7.3N 100mm blocks. Made with specialist lightweight aggregates creating the ideal specification for both strength and manual handling. Compared to our dense blocks, the reduced weight can boost on-site productivity. Applications include:

  • Above and Below Ground Applications
  • Block and Beam Floors
  • Transverse Tested

Our Eco-Bloc® range has been designed to not only ensure the strength and durability of your construction projects, but also contribute to a more sustainable future. At SRC Group we are proud to offer a unique, green alternative to traditional building methods.

"Since the start of ECO-BLOC, Matt and the team at SRC have been nothing short of professional in their route to market. They provide a range of excellent quality concrete blocks at competitive rates and with extremely convenient lead times, which is critical in the ever-challenging construction industry. SRC are not afraid to invest in the best people and the best machinery, which enables them to thrive as the market leader they are today"



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