Environmental Remediation Solutions

We carry out environmental services here at SRC Group with the highest level of care and responsibility. We aim to always be at the forefront of sustainable practices and that includes our environmental remediation solutions. Ensuring that our projects are sustainable, financially viable   but more importantly contribute positively to our planet.

What is Environmental Remediation?

Environmental remediation is the process of revitalising and breathing new life into contaminated brownfield sites that would be classified as unsuitable for future development. Historically, noxious compounds and hazardous materials have been distributed into our landscape. SRC Group provides an environmental remediation service to prioritise the elimination of the risk posed by these hazards.

Understanding the latest remedial techniques and technology is the first step to developing a fully compliant and robust scheme to allow the successful delivery of any remediation project. SRC Group has the in-house knowledge and modern capabilities to plan and deliver all remediation activities to satisfy current legislation and planning requirements.

Soil & Groundwater Remediation Services

Soil and groundwater remediation services focus on the recovery and treatment of contaminated soil and water. Our comprehensive approach employs various techniques such as excavation, material segregation and screening alongside bioremediation and chemical treatment to eliminate or reduce pollutants. The goal is to recover and restore the natural balance and quality of soil and groundwater, ensuring a healthier environment.

Soil Stabilisation / Solidification

Soil stabilisation and solidification are techniques employed to enhance the strength and durability of soil. These processes involve the addition of stabilising agents, improving load-bearing capacity and reducing permeability. For more about our soil stabilisation solutions please click here.

Asbestos in Soils & Demolition Materials

ACM (Asbestos Containing Material) is one of the most prevalent hazardous compounds encountered in construction. We are a fully-licenced asbestos removal contractor with the capability to identify, isolate and remove ACM in-house and provide tailored solutions for complex contamination scenarios. SRC Group employs best practices to manage asbestos in demolition and soil remediation processes. For more about our asbestos waste disposal please click here.

Value Engineering

Value engineering refers to an approach that optimises the value of a construction project by balancing performance, cost, and other factors. In the context of remediation, value engineering ensures that the chosen solutions not only meet environmental standards but also provide cost-effective and efficient outcomes. SRC Group applies value engineering principles to deliver remediation projects that achieve high-quality results within budget constraints.

Tank Removal/Treatment

Tank removal and subsequent treatment involves the safe and efficient extraction of underground storage tanks, often associated with petroleum products or hazardous materials. The aim of this process is to combat soil and groundwater contamination by using methods to restore the natural ground conditions.

In-Situ/Ex-Situ Groundwater Treatment

In-situ groundwater treatment involves the remediation of contaminated groundwater at its original location, often using technologies like injection wells. Ex-situ treatment, on the other hand, involves the extraction of groundwater for treatment before returning it to the site. SRC Group employs both in-situ and ex-situ methods, tailoring the approach to the specific characteristics of the contamination.

"I highly recommend SRC for their exceptional expertise in ground remediation. Mannings Northern Ltd engaged with Craig Chaplin and his team who orchestrated a seamless and effective strategy for a complex brownfield site development, showcasing their in-depth experience in tackling high levels of contamination whilst working next to a watercourse. Their collaborative approach and extensive experience ensured a successful outcome with time, cost and legislation making them highly recommended for any remediation project."

Jonathan turpin - mannings construction group


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